Here is your welcome corner, and the first step into a world full of brilliant luxuries and harmonious colors. Our reception is crafted from concrete with our logo engraved on it. It was designed to be dim in light, but bright in smiles and warm in greetings!

Green Wall

We love green; so we created this natural green wall that adds life to our showroom. With free-hanging shelves from the ceiling, you can roam a beautiful display space and explore the most brilliant fixtures supplied by SENSI.

Central Spine Table

This is the area that brings creative minds together. A spine-shaped table where interior designers and architects can interact, place their drawings, and take out samples from the drawers beneath to select the complementary finishes for their projects.

The technical Revolving Panels

Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These revolving panels are distributed over four parts of our showroom. They allow visiting designers and architects to explore a variety of tiles in a simple way within a small area.

The stone looking seating

A stone-looking seating area next to “The Column”, a beautiful metallic structure that holds catalogs and magazines. The stone-looking seats are made from natural Travertine and Wood, and serve as a small lounge for designers and architects who can sit and enjoy a coffee break while working.