Sanitary Ware, Bathroom Accessories & Furniture


Kos began business in 1998 as a manufacturer of whirlpool bathtubs and multi-function shower cabins. Its proven technical skill in the sector was joined in 2001 by the design experience and strategic savvy of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, art directors and designers for the entire production range. This important partnership soon spawned a unique, unprecedented collection of domestic micro-architecture: bathtubs, multi-function shower cabins, shower trays and washbasins with a sculptural aesthetic and innovative ergonomics, capable of reinventing the bathroom in style and structure.
In 2007, Kos joined the Zucchetti Group.
The result is a new bathroom world: complete, innovative, unprecedent. A new iconography that suggests alluring cultural melting pots, sensitivity to different tastes, poetic metropolitan influences.