SENSI Trading L.L.C. was established in 2010 in Dubai, UAE to serve the needs of the growing real estate sector in the country. SENSI brings to the Gulf and Middle East Region the latest quality tiles, stones, sanitary wares, bathroom accessories, furniture, recomposed quartz, concrete panels, bespoke furniture, and a variety of special material.


The name of our company was inspired from the Italian word “SENSI” which means senses in English. The reason behind the naming is our belief that our products should touch the senses of our customers. Yes, our products will live by our customers for a lifetime, and this is why they should add comfort, happiness, and beauty to their lives.


SENSI can transform your work place into a space full of light, reflections and discovery… Your home will become a place with lively pleasures and memorable experiences. Visit our new Boutique Showroom in Dubai Design District, Building 4, Block A to experience the new dimensions of living… Have you ever imagined that your four walls could become an endless space of joy?

From artistic mosaics that abound in colors and textures, to coverings that radiate with elegance, to chic and eclectic bathroom collections, to designing and building spa concepts, to recomposed quartz, concrete panels, to contemporary furniture, SENSI offers you endless choices that can perfectly fit into your lifestyle.


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The UAE has been growing to become the business hub of the middle east, the fact that attracted the most talented workforce from all over the world; this multinational mix of talents stayed in UAE and became part of its society. With the presence of elite minds, world-class projects and futuristic buildings, a totally modern lifestyle emerged that is characterized by luxury, and recently by: affordable luxury.

SENSI has understood this reality, and is striving to bring in world-class products that match the needs and the lifestyles of this modern society. At SENSI, we know that the UAE and Middle East/Gulf Region in general have the best interior designers, architects, real estate developers, and the best residents. We know that these people will only ask for the best: best products, best service, best offers, and indeed best prices. So if you are one of these people we tell you: Yes, we have the best of everything!